Send Zelle Payments

Checkbook's modern payments platform now offers Zelle as a payout option to instantly pay their recipients. This provides a seamless and trustworthy experience for our users, emphasizing faster, secure and easily accessible financial transactions.

Faster Payments for All

Beyond a new payment option, the integration of Zelle with Checkbook's innovative technology ensures secure money transfers and peace of mind throughout the payment journey. With Zelle, Checkbook reinforces its position as the most ubiquitous single portal for payments.

Broad acceptance

By leveraging Zelle's ubiquity, Checkbook can empower more businesses and individuals with a reliable and credible payment solution.

Instant settlement

With Zelle, Checkbook customers can transfer funds instantly.

Instant Payments Are Here!

The collaboration between Checkbook and Zelle reflects a shared goal to solve the challenges of push payments by helping people get paid faster, safer and with fewer errors.

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