Why is Checkbook right for you?

Posted by Checkbook on Jun 02, 2020

There’s so many different payment processors out there, and you might be wondering, why should I go with Checkbook? Good question friend, I’m so glad you asked!

Simply put, Checkbook is the only payments processor in the world offering the “last mile solution”. It is a one sided payment process that is a single step process and completely free for the Recipient.

No App to Download. No Sign up. Flat Fee of $1 or less. Pay even those with no Financial Infrastructure.

The Future is Digital. Checkbook takes paper checks of the past and digitizes them so that they can be sent and received via email. Simply put, Digital Checks are a digital representation of a paper check that you can send electronically. This creates a safer, faster, and cheaper way to transact checks than the paper checks of yesteryear.

Convenience is Key. Every part of the Checkbook experience is designed to make your life easier! Checkbook offers ‘Instant Pay’ which allows users to send bulk checks within seconds (18 seconds, to be precise!). Better yet, when recipients receive checks they can instantly deposit their funds right to their bank account, and will never need to download an app or create an account.

Options You Want. Everyone manages money differently, and you should have the freedom to cash your funds how you want. Checkbook allows recipients to instantly deposit funds to their bank, push funds onto a virtual card (and then into Apple Wallet or Google Pay if you like), print out a check and take it to the bank, or have checks sent via standard mail.

Pricing is Fair. You send money differently than I do, so why would we pay the same fees? Checkbook has separate terms and solutions for individuals and enterprises with customizable contracts and volume discounts for enterprises. Pricing starts at a $1 flat fee irrespective of payment amount. The days of paying a percentage of your transaction are over! The recipient never pays anything, and never gets surprised with transfer fees. No hidden fees ever!

Security is a Must. Whether you are sending a single check to a friend or 10,000 checks to employees worldwide, you deserve the highest level of security possible. Checkbook uses the highest grade of encryption to protect all your transactions. Our Digital Checks provide end to end tracking and instantly update, so you are never left guessing as to where your money is.

Customer Service is Stellar. Problems happen, we recognize that. That’s why we pride ourselves on friendly and helpful customer service. Questions small or big, just reach out!

Convinced yet? Today the world is becoming overrun with Digital Checks. Don’t get left behind, and join Checkbook in our quest to revolutionize the payment processing space forever.

About Author: The Checkbook Team

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