Business Solutions


Our Digital Checks are the ultimate solution for insurance companies looking to increase efficiency in claim disbursement and provide their claimants with a simple and quick way to receive funds. Digital Checks make insurance claims easy to receive by allowing recipients the flexibility of choosing between instant transfer, online deposit, or printable check.

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Our Digital Checks are the ultimate solution for notaries looking for a fast and secure way to send disbursements, or a larger notary service organization looking for a streamlined and cost-effective way to pay your individual notaries

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Property Managers

Property managers need a payment solution that can seamlessly manage multiple properties with multiple checking accounts. Digital Checks are sent directly to a recipient’s email address and can be printed or deposited online. All you need is the recipient's name and email.

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Non Profits

Nonprofits need a payment solution that gets funds to the people who need it. A solution that’s not only fast, but costs far less than other methods.

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Contractors need a payment solution that gets the job completed on time.’s Digital Checks offer contractors instant delivery, hassle-free automatic deposit and real-time payment tracking.

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